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Pitboss-AC is an endpoint solution which provides online gaming companies the ability to assure customers a safe and fair gaming environment. PitBoss-AC agents collect data from different sources, extract the relevant information concerning cheats anonymously, and forward this data to a central CogniSafe server that is located at the operator’s site.

Pitboss addresses online game cheat detection covering different types, such as:

  • Online Playing Bots: When Bots play instead of the gamer. Bot types include Collusion Bots and Bonus Bots.
  • Collusion or Player Associations: When two or more gamers (or one gamer using multiple computers) at the same table, share information about their state (such as the cards they are holding in online poker or online blackjack).
  • Software Cheats: Hacking the game client gaining unfair advantage over other gamers.
  • Online Advisors: When gamers use probability calculators to boost their performance.
  • Inside Information (Logic Anomaly): When the gamer has access to information that should be confidential (such as the next card to be dealt in online blackjack or poker).
  • Cheating by Abusing the Game Procedure:When a player cheats without any tech­nical sophistication but simply abuses the operating procedure of a game. One common case is escaping ("Cutting the cord") when cards won’t hold up.
  • Timing Cheats: When a player changes moves based on timing, such as delaying a move until all the opponents’ moves have been made.
  • Chip Dumping is the practice whereby one player deliberately loses his chips to another player at the table, with the losing player often having obtained his chips by fraudulent means.




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